Company Profile

DOXI is a versatile manufacturer since 1990, specializing in providing sophisticated flow control products. We manufacture high-purity, water and oil-free valve, fittings, and components in Class 1000 clean rooms for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, optoelectronic, electrochemical and petrochemical industries, where safety and stability of the manufacturing process are a major concern. Our corporate philosophy if to offer the market innovative PFA lined valves and fitting and to place the highest priority on safety, long service life, low operation and maintenance cost.

Since its foundation DOXI valve a Unit of Xuanda Industrial Group, has been the leading manufacturer for high quality fluoropolymer lined valves. Our engineered products are used to transport and manage highly corrosive, environment critical, high-purity and other difficult to manage fluids in the most challenging applications. When it comes to operational reliability and safety, DOXI is the right partner for you.

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Xuanda Industrial Group
Xuanda is an innovative and diversified manufacturing organization that delivers highly engineered applications within niche markets. Xuanda is specialized in providing solutions that solve the problems most critical to our customers' processes within numerous markets such as: industrial fluidics, metering technologies, analytical instrumentation, chemical/ petrochemical, fire & rescue, and energy metering.