• Xuanda Group's 2018 annual conference

    Xuanda Group's 2018 annual conference

    • Friday, 12 October 2018

    On the afternoon of February 26, Xuanda Group's 2018 annual marketing work conference was held in the multi-function hall of the group headquarters. All the senior executives of Xuanda Group, Shanghai Aogli and relevant persons in charge of Jiangsu Aochen, representatives from various marketing departments and representatives from various offices throughout the country attended the meeting. Shi Qingtai, the chief engineer of the group, and Sun Zhengdong, the deputy general manager of Shanghai Aogeli, gave a lecture on the hot field of Xuanda products and sulfuric acid technology before the meeting. Heads of sales, finance and other departments of the headquarters made annual sales and financial work reports at the meeting. Group Chairman Ye Jixuan and President Ye Quncei presided over the symposiums of the marketing systems of the offices and headquarters.
    In the headquarters marketing system meeting, sales manager Lei Lihua reported the sales situation of the headquarters in 2017. The financial department manager Yang Guofan reported the financial situation of the headquarters in 2017, the financial and sales reports were completed, and the participating departments conducted the marketing work in 2017. In summary and discussion, we will provide suggestions for further optimizing the workflow and better serving the customers. The heads of the marketing department, sales department, finance department, quality inspection department and other departments will carry out specific work details and improvement and improvement of the new year. Have a conversation. President Ye Qunze finally made a concluding speech at the meeting. Mr. Ye pointed out that the good performance we achieved in 2017 is inseparable from the hard work of everyone. Thanks to the joint efforts of all of us, we have used the nearly four years to transform the performance of the headquarters marketing system. With the rapid progress, everyone in this meeting also had a positive discussion on the problems that occurred in the past year. The results were very good. At the same time, we put forward a lot of good work improvement suggestions and achieved the results of the annual meeting. Next, we need to develop a plan and plan with high feasibility. In the new year, we hope that we will continue to expand our business capabilities and further enhance our marketing performance.