Clean Room

Like the Chinese old proverb goes,“To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools.’’ It means the advanced production tools & equipments could improve the quality of products. DOXI invest a lot of money for technology, equipment updates, introduction and training talents, so as to enhance product quality. 2011, we established a one million dust-free clean workshop to do manufacturing, inspection, assembling of lined valve. Our belief is based on" satisfying all the needs of customs". Technology increase production level, and high-quality valve meets your needs!

Air Shower Room: As clean room equipment, installed in the clean room entrance and used to remove the dust on personnel or goods entering through it, Automatic Blowing Air Shower, which is composed of case, fan(s), filter(s), nozzles and electric control system, is photo electrically controlled, electronically interlocked and automatic blowing.

Workshop View:All the workers in the dust-free workshop should execute strict implementation of clean production and implementation of comprehensive quality control system.